The Top 12 Companies You Want To Work For If you Love Perks

These days, obtaining a job with a good salary is as much a prerequisite for potential recruits as is added perks that go along with it. Companies know this, and some of them use this knowledge to their advantage to attract the most highly qualified employees for their available positions. We took a look at some of the top companies to work for if you want some great perks to sweeten up your day job.


Chances are if you’re inquiring about a position at Airbnb, you have some invested interested in traveling and seeing the world, and fortunately, AirBnB wants to help you make that possible by offering an annual $2000 bonus to go anywhere they please and stay at any Airbnb location. Maiu, anyone?


As leaders in sportswear, Reebok is committed to encouraging consumers and employees alike to participate in physical activity to keep you healthy. At Reebok, employees are provided with access to their onsite gym, including their coveted Crossfit classes, for free. Beat the afternoon slump by busting out an hour of cardio, Reebok knows you’ll come back refreshed and recharged, so they’re all for it.


If you ever feel like you run short of time in your day to do your menial errands, perhaps a position at Genentech would interest you. This biotech company allows staff access to many onsite services, from car washes for that fresh, clean shine, to spa treatments and haircuts and even dental services. Think about how much time you could save if you had access to those services just a hop away from your office?


Spotify is an innovator in music distribution, so it’s not surprising that some of their employee perks include free tickets to see stars like Miguel or Weezer via Spotify Sessions, but they also hold dear to them an interest in family values. Spotify employees are given six months of paid parental leave to help with the transition into parenthood, and an additional month of flexible work options to help you readjust to returning to work. The most surprising perk: they also cover fertility assistance and egg freezing, processes that can set you back over $10,000.


If Spotify’s parental perks didn’t leave you breathless, movie-streaming giant Netflix might be more appealing to you, as they offer unlimited parental leave to their staff. Netflix’s CEO himself takes up to six weeks of vacation yearly, and he is all for his employees doing the same. And for a more subtle perk for the movie buffs, you can utilize the company's onsite 200-person theatre to get a head start on upcoming releases before the public.


For employees that have held their position for a year or more, whether they’re part-time or full-time, Ikea also has your parental needs in mind and offers staff four months of paid leave, and that’s in addition to all their other employee benefits.

Goldman Sach’s

Goldman Sach’s may sound like a stuffy place to work, but this financial giant is anything but. Whether you have an interested in pilates or tai-chi or have an affinity for bubble tea, Goldman Sach’s wants you to take advantage of its offerings. They also show a strong commitment to the needs of the LGBTQ community, as they have been offering coverage for gender reassignment surgery since 2008.

American Express

American Express also offers excellent benefits for families and new mothers with their offer of five-months paid leave. Additionally, the birthing mother can tack on six to eight weeks of paid medical leave, while having full-time access to the company’s lactation consultant.


For those eager to go back to school but are struggling with the associated costs, Starbucks has your back and offers employees full tuition reimbursement for anyone going back to school. Plus, think about how useful those coffee perks will be for those late night study sessions?

In N’ Out Burger

If you just can’t get enough of In N’ Out Burger, perhaps you should consider working there. Employees on shift can help themselves to a free double-double burger and fries every time they come in, a small cost that can add up in big ways.


While many people try to stay away from internships for fear of low pay and even lower perks, this social media giant has news for you. Interns at Facebook often reportedly earn over $7000 per month, and they ever offer to house you for free and cover your health care. Suddenly, interning doesn’t seem so bad.


As one of the largest tech companies worldwide, surely Google has some keen perks for employees. At their famous Googleplex headquarters, employees can take their pick of free meals from any of the campus restaurants and cafes. Additionally, for those fitness minded, Google has a gym with free classes for its staff and even free cooking classes for those who want to hone their skills in the kitchen. If that’s not all, they also offer incredible benefits to the families of deceased employees, offering to pay 50% of their salary upwards of ten years.