Like Working at Night? These Ten Jobs are For You

Working overnight isn't for everyone, but many employers offer a nice incentive to employees who are willing to saddle up for the night shift. If you can get your body adjusted to working at the same time as the owls, you could be in for a nice payday. Here are ten jobs that pay better once most shops close their doors.
1. Wait Staff
There's a reason most businesses have a lunch menu, and that's because they're trying to attract the people who would rather pay a cheaper rate than dinner prices. The wages might be the same no matter day or night, but most servers report a higher amount in tips. That can add up to some nice dough, especially when you consider that the cost of a dinner meal can be up to three times greater than a lunch.
2. Machinery Operator
This blue-collar job has never been known for paying an outstanding salary, but those who decide to work at night can earn an extra $2-3000 a year for doing the exact same job. This makes sense since plants only generate money when their machines are operating, so staffing it 24/7 means extra revenue for everyone.
3. Caregiving
It's not often you find a job that pays well and provides a nice emotional boost as well, but if you love working with people, caregiving could be exactly the right job for you. The average salary for a day-shift worker in this field fluctuates between $17,000 and $29,000, but the average earning for those working overnight is almost $20,000.
4. Forklift Operation
Similar to a machine operator, warehouses only make money when they ship things out the door, which can include round-the-clock hours. Driving a forklift is a skilled trade that you most likely will need a license for, but if you can find an overnight job, expect to bring in an extra thousand a year than the daytime people.
5. Machinist

Working around heavy machinery during the night may not sound ideal to many people, but if you can stand it, it's great money. The range of income for day workers in this field is between $25-60,000, but the typical salary of a night machinist closes in on almost $37,000.
6. Materials Handling
When customers need their items, they usually want it as fast as possible, which means people who are involved in moving freight or stock around warehouses and storefronts can make extra money by working overnight. The average for daytime material handlers is about $22,300, which goes up to $22,600 for the exact same job done at night.
7. Big Rig Drivers
Truck drivers are on the road day and night, usually taking trips that span multiple states for days on end. What this means for workers in this field is ample time for overtime and night work, which makes a huge difference here. The average daytime driver can expect to bring in between $26,000-63,000, while those willing to work nights average around $52,000.
8. Security Guards
When you have a business and no one's around, the last thing you want is someone breaking in and stealing from you. That's where security guards come in, and while the job may necessitate physical shows of force from time to time, it's a relatively simple job that involves lots of walking. Daytime security guards usually bring home $18,000 a year, while the ones who guard the premises at night average $21,700 annually.
9. Customer Service Representative
This job is especially active during the holiday season when gift buying is at an all-time high and customers are constantly calling in to see about their goods. Those who man these lines during the day earn on average of $20,000 a year, whereas the average night shift representative can pocket closer to $21,200. The best part of this job? Many positions can be done from home.
10. Working for the Government
 Working for the federal system has its perks, most notably the mandated higher pay for non-overtime night hours, which usually fall between 3 PM to 8 AM. The amount of your bonus can change depending on when and how deep in the night you work, but the average bonus falls between 7.5-10% on top of base pay.