High-Paying Stimulus Jobs You Can Get with No More Than a 4-Year Degree

Job seekers have different job opportunities. Any administration that comes to power is aware that creating good jobs for its citizens is a must priority. But with the current development of technology and the emphasis on efficiencies, many job seekers are likely to be wiped out by the increased automation of systems and sectors. This is because of the increasing use of machines and the possible adoption of self-driving cars, which will form the peak of the artificial intelligence.


The government has reached a similar conclusion to the educators and economist who are calling for more education and training opportunities. This is an important aspect of the economy because it will require significant investment by the government. However, through the stimulus plan by the government, it is possible to create more high paying jobs for the workers in sectors such as alternative energy, education, construction, and healthcare among others.


Typically, the high paying jobs in these fields will also require at least a four-year degree. There are other opportunities in some of the stimulus-related jobs after less than four years in college or through training. There is a wide range of high paying stimulus jobs that you can consider with a no more than four years degree.




The stimulus spending on upgrading and construction of roads, telecommunication lines, and other infrastructure repairs are some of the areas that would boost job opportunities. This would go to the construction managers, pavers, ironworkers, and welders. These workers play a major role in extending the broadband access to various rural areas takes home more than $50,000 annually. <br></br>


Electrical Work


Various stimulus spending is also creating job opportunities for the electricians. Those certified as electricians are used to repair highways, connect electrical systems and modernize schools. Training to be an electrician is done at the community college and other trade schools. The average earning of electricians is about $ 50,000 annually.




Stimulus spending in the education sector is also creating job opportunities for teachers. The classroom teachers have more benefits including time off and pensions. With only a four-year degree, it is possible to gain certification. Some locations allow bachelor teachers to start in a different field as they wait for certification. The preschool is among the areas that the stimulus plan is targeting to expand, and the secondary schools teaching is also a high earner with an average of $ 50,000 per year.


Railway Workers


The stimulus plan is also funding repair and expansion of the railway network. This field has many long-term jobs because railway work is regular to ensure that it is in good condition. The average earning in this field is $ 40,000 a year.


Steel Industry


The manufacturing sector is one of the areas that stimulus plan is targeting to help companies that support the use of alternative energy. There is plenty of work for structural steel workers and those specialized in welding. The increase in technology use in this sector is creating opportunities for mechanical engineers who use computer-controlled machines in their designing and other operations. The earning in this sector is about $ 48,000 annually.


Medical Record Experts


As the medical records shift from the hard copies to digital records, the stimulus plan in the health sector as it adopts the healthcare information system (HIS) it requires IT, specialists. You can obtain certification and training as a health information technician from a community college and earn about $ 30,000 per year. If you have a four-year degree in this field, you can work as a system analyst and make about $ 70,000 annually.



As various sectors such as education, construction, health among other continue to grow through the stimulus plan spending, they all need managers. More managers are needed in almost every department with accountants earning about $ 60,000 and the operation and general managers earning about $90,000 a year. To be a manager, you will need at least a four-year degree.


The above sectors among other in the government stimulus plan are viable high paying job opportunities you can get with no more than a four-year degree. With community college training, jobs opportunities are coming up that can be seized.