Gas Vouchers as a Form of Transportation Assistance

Emergencies happen. Money is low and you don’t know how you are going to put gas in your vehicle. If this is the case for you, consider The Salvation Army. They may be able to provide you with a gas voucher to help you out of a tough situation. Unfortunately, gas vouchers are not that easy to come by, as the organization only has a limited amount to give to hopeful recipients. You will need to get in contact with your local Salvation Army yourself to ask if they have any and what you need to do to receive one. 

The Salvation Army offers more than just gas vouchers. They may be able to provide you with cash if you need help with a car repair. However, this assistance is harder to come by. They can also provide bus vouchers for those who do not own a car. If you live in an area that has active bus lines, bus vouchers may be easier to receive. 

The Salvation Army assists individuals, seniors, and families in need, no matter their religious affiliation, background, sex or race. If you are a low-income family or a senior citizen, you will likely receive help first. These situations and people are usually given priority over others. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to apply for help with the organization. They often offer additional ways to help when you need it. Some even offer counseling and long-term case management.

Unfortunately, not everyone who applies for a gas voucher will receive one. It’s still OK to apply for one if you need it, but they are limited in number and not every Salvation Army location even has a supply of them to give out. Also, someone who needs one to get to work, school or medical appointments will typically be given priority over others. 

When you apply for a gas voucher, you will be set up with a caseworker who will access your situation and determine whether you are qualified or not. Be prepared to provide paperwork that shows you need help, such as current pay stubs or unemployment checks, as well as all of your household expenses.

Applying for Assistance With The Salvation Army

Gas vouchers and bus tickets are typically given out on a one-time basis. You cannot receive monthly assistance from the organization. However, they often help men and women who need to travel a long distance for an emergency, such as a close death in the family. They can provide gas vouchers or bus tickets if you qualify. Again, you could also receive cash to pay your car repair bill, but this assistance is harder to receive. 

The program that provides gas vouchers to those in need is called The Emergency Family Services. They are the ones who provide the vouchers to The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army Emergency Assistance Program is the full name of the organization.

You may not receive the help you are seeking when you turn to The Salvation Army. But there are other programs that are available in the community, especially for individuals who are considered low-income or who are in school or job training. Check online for help by typing in phrases such as “free bus passes”, “free gas”, or “free gas assistance” to find out what is available near you. 

The Salvation Army cannot help out everyone who applies for free gas vouchers, but in most cases, they can assist you in other ways. Other vouchers, such as bus or taxi vouchers, are often offered to those who do not qualify for free gas vouchers. Many local organizations provide volunteer drivers who will pick up those who need a ride and drive them where they need to go. These programs are in existence to help out those in need.

If one organization cannot help you, just look for others that can. If a program turns you down, ask them if there are others in your area that may help. Call your local social services office and ask for assistance. You may be able to set up an appointment with a caseworker who will go through your options with you. If you need gas to get to the initial appointment, let them know this over the phone. You may be surprised at the help you can find.