Five Gig Economy Websites to Make Money From

Almost one-third of all United States workers performed some sort of freelance site work in the past year. Around 11% of all American workers are full-time freelance workers while around 22% are working side jobs or moonlighting for extra cash. Because of the need for continued work, gig economy platforms have been popping up at an astonishing rate every day. Many of these websites offer services in specific niches, such as dog walking, financial consulting, engineering and website development. One of the best parts of these websites is that you can look for work no matter where you are located and apply online. 

Read on for five gig economy platforms that can help you make some extra cash today!

#1 offers potential clients and freelancers the opportunity to set up pet sitting services between them. The website operates throughout dozens of cities in the United States and Canada and offers numerous services, from dog walking to dog boarding to doggy daycare and more. Many freelancers take on a couple of dog-related gigs throughout the month to earn a few hundred extra dollars, easy money when you love animals to begin with! Users can sign up with the website and set their own rates, allowing them complete control over their income. Remember, a background check will be needed before working for this website. 

#2 Fiverr

Fiverr quickly became a huge gig economy platform after its initial launch in 2010. At the moment, over tens of thousands of users are making extra income with freelance work from the site by offering their specialized services to others. The website is full of potential employers looking for individuals who can provide them with translation, writing, illustration and marketing services, to name a few. There are over 100 service categories listed on the website and freelancers from 190 countries are using the website. The beginning price for all services is just five dollars, hence the name, but this is just the minimum starting point. Sellers can add on extra prices for additional services. 

#3 Upwork

Upwork was previously known as Elance and has grown into a company that allows independent freelancers and businesses to connect with one another. There are hundreds of different gigs available through the gig economy platform, from sales, marketing, writing, software development, accounting, consulting and much more. Users can find both hourly jobs and ones that pay a set price when using Upwork. Upwork also handles the payment and invoicing process, making it easier and less of a hassle for users to get paid. Upwork offers their own payment protection policy for all hourly jobs as well, to ensure that freelancers don’t get stiffed for a job completed. 

#4 Babierge

Babierge is a sharing economy platform specifically meant for those with a lot of spare baby and toddler items. Many people have tons of toddler toys and baby items just lying around the house, taking up space. Users will rent out their baby gear, deliver it, set it up and then pick it back up on a specified day. The toys and gear get used at vacation rentals and hotels, places that most people don’t want to drag tons of equipment to. At the moment, Babierge has workers in 82 different places, and locations are being added every week. Trish McDermott, the vice president of the company, estimates the pay at around $40 an hour, great for freelance work!

#5 Efynch

Efynch is a newer platform that offers the opportunity for contractors, both freelance and professional, as well as maintenance workers, with jobs. At the moment the website has around 3,000 active users and is planning an extension to at least ten more cities by the spring of next year. The website was modeled after Upwork but tailors specifically to the contracting and maintenance crowd. There are many tasks that can be found on the website that can pay more than $50 an hour, such as lawn mowing and carpentry jobs. 

With patience and perseverance, anyone can find work online with a gig economy platform. Anyone looking to love the freelance lifestyle and enjoy making money on their own terms will do well to start off with these five websites.