Find Employment and Training Assistance

The United States Department of Labor offers many programs for people who are looking to join the workforce. The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is always helping people who are recently laid off, being laid off, or looking to re-enter the workforce after years of being home. The purpose is to keep the unemployment rate down and the economy on an upward trend. The programs offered by the ETA are numerous, and there might be one perfect for you.


Finding Employment and Training Assistance


If you’re looking for employment or training assistance of any kind, there are numerous ways you can find it when you use the ETA’s sources to benefit you. The first is to call and ask to speak with someone who is familiar with the programs available to people across the country. The phone number is (877) US-2JOBS. It’s open during the week during traditional office hours, but people have an opportunity to leave a message and receive a return phone call when someone is in the office.


The next way you can find out what’s available to you is to visit the Department of Labor website and follow the prompts regarding your specific needs. The site will ask you numerous questions designed to help navigate you to the correct location, and your job is to find what works best for you when you are logged in. There are numerous resources available, so you might take the time to read through and make note of resources that pertain to your specific situation.


What this Service Provides


This kind of service provides many things to people who want to train for a new job or even enter the workforce after being laid off. There are grants available to those who want to begin training for a new career so they can have a brighter future. There are scholarships, there are free job placement and training opportunities, and there are other educational resources designed to empower and benefit your future.


One of the best resources provided is the Veterans resources. The men and women who are enlisted in the military and end their career due to their own personal choices or injuries that prevent them from working for the military again are in need of help. The ETA provides free resources that help veterans get back on their feet and train for new career paths. These new career paths are designed to help vets get a new job they might not otherwise be able to get after spending their life in the military.


There are unemployment resources for those who do work and lose their jobs due to the economy or the choices their company makes. There is a little bit of everything for people in every field available here. From extended unemployment benefits for those who need a little more time to complete their new career training to disaster benefits for those already collecting unemployment as they look for a new job, there’s something that can help almost anyone.


Why Use This Service


This is not a service anyone should be ashamed to use. It’s the kind of service designed to help people are going through something they might not ever expect to deal with. It’s the kind of thing people deal with when they have a job loss, when their company folds, and when they are laid off due to budget cuts. It’s not always easy for people to get a new job quickly if they’re accustomed to a certain amount of income.


This kind of program provides grants and education for those in need, and it’s designed to help people get out from under a situation that’s not ideal. To find out what you qualify for or how the program can help you or someone you know, contact the ETA today. You will find there are people there willing to help you because you are willing to help yourself. It takes a great deal of bravery to ask for help when you need it the most, and that’s something people should embrace. Call now to find out how you can change your future before it’s too late.